The full speed of the SATA interface is available with the CFast memory card for powerful controllers. Up to 30x the transmission rates of the CF cards can be reached. Given the high availability demands placed on automation systems, program and data memory must be selected with particular care. The CFast memory cards CFA200 SLC are therefore especially selected industrial types that can cope with the requirements of harsh daily working routines. 

Use of the CFA200 SLC both in CPUs of the M1 family as well as in our visualization devices is strongly recommended due to the extreme environmental conditions, the large number of supported write cycles and the many years of lasting experience with suppliers. The robustness was significantly increased in comparison with a CF card via a stable edge connector.



  • CFast type I
  • Memory capacity 4/8/16 GB
  • Fast data transfer
  • Write protection via software
  • Extended temperature range
  • Long service life/MTTF



CFA200 SLC CFast Memory EN
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CFA200 SLC CFast Memory EN
CFA200 SLC CFast Memory DE
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CFA200 SLC CFast Memory DE

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