When synchronous rotary and linear motions are needed, the following question has to be answered: How shall the individual axes be coordinated? 

The M-SMC software module offers a solution for this task. M-SMC calculates the position and speed profiles and controls the drive axes. Thereby, considered gear ratios enable synchronous movements. Moreover, individual synchronous slave axes can be stopped and started again during machines’ operation. This enables an electronic gear system to be implemented in the shortest possible time. 



  • Software module for open and closed loop control as well as monitoring of motion axes
  • Operation of individual axes or synchronized multiaxes motions
  • Jerk-optimized motion profiles
  • Several methods for axes synchronization (gearing)
  • Configuration and diagnostic via the SolutionCenter
  • Commissioning user interface (SMC-Monitor)
  • Library for IEC 61131-3 PLC programs


Position synchronization by design 

Production processes often require the position synchronized motion of all drive axes involved. Variable speeds and different roller diameters also increase complexity. M-SMC provides a solution for this task by design. Master-slave relations including the required synchronization method can be defined by means of a configuration. During operation the slave axis can be synchronized at any time and stopped again. This enables applications such as a flying saw to be implemented in only a few steps. 

Optimized motion profiles 

When approaching a new target position, minimum travel time and low occurring jerk seem to exclude each other. The Sin-Lin interpolation function enables M-SMC to offer a solution that combines the benefits of both previous characteristics. This therefore makes it possible to achieve high production cycles while reducing wear on mechanical components at the same time. M-SMC also permits to adjust the target position of a motion axis even after movement has been started. Therefore, no braking and restarting is required. In this way, permanently executed motion sequences can still be adjusted to workpiece tolerances during the runtime without any loss in production time. 

Creating applications easily 

M-SMC is integrated in a machine controlling sequence program directly via the IEC 61131- 3 library. Within this program, target positions are set, movements are started, and axes are synchronized as required. Command input via a HMI are also processed here. 

The SMC-Monitor commissioning interface enables the full parameterization, operation and diagnosis of the software module. Utilizing Scope 3 software oscilloscope, highly dynamic processes are recorded directly on the controller and fully visualized on the PC. In this way, a complete overview is always ensured. This not only shortens the time required for the initial commissioning, but also enables fast troubleshooting during operation. 



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System overview