OPC defines a number of manufacturer-neutral software interfaces for automation (⮫ With OPC Data Access, current states and values (online data) can be exchanged between controllers and software applications, such as visualizations, control systems or production data acquisition. As a pure software interface OPC runs on a PC or IPC under Windows and communicates with the M200 automation systems via Ethernet. Any standard-conformant OPC client which is operated on the PC can exchange data in both directions.

The integrated configuration tool supports the selective disclosure of any variables from the control system under a freely selectable item name for the clients. Configurations can either be created directly in the graphic interface, or transferred from other tools via the import/export function. Convenient copy functions accelerate the configuration or management even for large installations with many connected controllers. 

The integrated simulation enables communication tests with client applications even without connected M200 systems. Inversely a test client that is likewise integrated in the "OPC Configurator" configuration tool permitts checking of the data exchange with underlying controllers without a completely set-up OPC client application. 

The Bachmann OPC Enterprise Server has been specially developed for large installations with a variety of automation devices, i.e. for large data volumes. In addition to the possibility of handling multiple network connections simultaneously, here the parallelization of queries and the multi-processor support have a particular effect.



  • OPC-conformant data server – manufacturer-neutral interface
  • Specifications: 
    OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.04, 2.05 and 3.0
  • Connection to M200 via Ethernet
  • Secure SSL connection to the controllers
  • No restriction of the connected
  • Multi-processor support
  • Powerful configuration tool
  • Flat and hierarchical browsing
  • Simulation for clients (configuration tool)
  • Integrated test client (configuration tool)
  • Operation under Microsoft Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022
  • No restriction of:
    • M200 systems*
    • Data quantity (items)*
      * However there is restriction due to computer performance, network capacity and communication load on the M200 system. The actual achievable throughput depends on the application case.


OPC Enterprise Server

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OPC Enterprise Server EN
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OPC Enterprise Server DE

System overview