PROFIsafe® is a vendor-neutral functional safety fieldbus which enables safe communication between safe in- and output modules and the safety-CPU SLC284.

 PROFIsafe® allows the user to integrate a large spectrum of 3rd party PROFIsafe® sensors and actuators into their safety solution along with safety I/O modules provided by Bachmann. 

This enables a wide range of solutions for safety related applications. Possible Sensors are:

  • Single- or multiturn absolute encoders
  • Light grids
  • Laser scanner
  • Drives
  • Vibration sensors
  • Inclination sensors

The Bachmann PROFIsafe F-Host allows to connect up to 32 PROFIsafe® F-devices with the SLC284.


PROFIsafe® Technology

PROFIsafe® does not require a separate network connection but runs as a safety layer on an existing PROFINET® network. This allows the user to choose any bus topology supported by PROFINET® (line, tree, star etc.). Modern software technology allows to integrate a functional safe F-Host Gateway on the proven Bachmann standard CPUs and to realize safety applications up to safety level SIL 3, Performance Level PL3 / Cat. 4. The Bachmann F-Host therefore is a pure software solution in connection with the SLC284 and to integrate PROFIsafe F-Devices into a safety solution, no additional hardware is required.


The configuration of PROFIsafe® connections is made without programming efforts and with the help of the intuitive PROFINET® configurator by Bachmann. External configuration tools for F-Devices are being integrated into the engineering workflow flow of the SolutionCenter via the Tool Calling Interface up to conformance class 3.


The programming of safety applications incorporating PROFIsafe® sensors and actors is supported by the proven Bachmann Saftey Developer and works the same way as with safe sensors and actors provided by Bachmann.

Field Operation

An integrated iPar-Server facilitates the upload of configuration data from the F-Device onto the Bachmann CPU. In case the F-Device is replaced in the field the spare device can be configured using the data hosted by the iPar-Server.


PROFIsafe F-Host

PROFIsafe F-Host EN
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PROFIsafe F-Host EN
PROFIsafe F-Host DE
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PROFIsafe F-Host DE

System overview